State-Sponsored Hackers from North Korea targeting Irish companies, banks, and utilities almost every day.They are likewise suspected to be in charge of the €4.3m cyber heist on Meath County Council in October 2016.

Why Ireland targeted by North Korea Hackers?

Ireland is considered as a target due to the presence of many US Multinationals, Defense Minister Paul Kehoe said we will be rapidly upgrading Ireland’s capability of defending against cyber attacks.

The cost of hacking attempts on Irish organizations has taken off from €498,000 in 2014 to €1.7m in 2016 – with examiners cautioning it is probably going to increment exponentially finished future years.

The number of cyber attacks experienced by Irish businesses increased between 2012 and 2016, but that figure is supposed to increase or even treble because of modern ransomware attacks.

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“There were always certain unspoken rules in terms of cyber warfare between countries and intelligence services,” Mr. Murphy said.
“But North Korea has thrown the entire rule book out the window. It is basically engaging in cyber warfare to raise funds and to cause global chaos. Reported Independent IE.

According to a nationwide cybersecurity awareness survey, over 171,000 businesses in the State could be vulnerable to crippling ransomware attacks.

Murphy said that the WannaCry ransomware assault which caused worldwide chaos not long ago was abused by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s cybersecurity services.

A review found that 26pc of organizations have experienced digital assaults in the previous two years, with a further 18pc uncertain in the event that they have been influenced.


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