OnePlus discloses a security breach, the company says that hackers accessed customers’ personal information users’ name, contact number, email and shipping address.

The security incident was identified by OnePlus last week, some unauthorized user accessed the database where the customer’s information is stored.

The company took immediate steps to stop the intrusion and informs impacted users through the mail. If you are an impacted user then you will be getting an email.

OnePlus Breach notice

“OnePlus also confirms that no payment data or passwords are affected, but the name, contact number, email, and shipping address in certain orders may have been exposed,” reads OnePlus statement.


OnePlus didn’t say how many users impacted with the breach or how the hackers gained access to the customers’ information.

The users impacted with data breach may receive spam and phishing email, here you can find the best Ways To Prevent Email Phishing Attacks and to find the website is Safe.

The Chinese handset maker also confirms that “we took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security, making sure there are no similar vulnerabilities.”

This is not the first time OnePlus suffered the last year January the company suffered a Critical Data breach, financial details of more than 40,000 customers exposed.

“We are continually upgrading our security program – we are partnering with a world-renowned security platform next month, and will launch an official bug bounty program by the end of December.”

T-Mobile Announced a data breach yesterday, in the incident hackers gained access to prepaid customer’s data.

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