Online Gaming Security and Protection Measures

As much as we hate to say it, the online gaming community isn’t a safe haven for gamers, especially young ones. Yes, everything you do online has its own dangers. The moment that you input your real name for, say, account registration, is the moment that you open yourself up to cyber-attacks.

In a perfect world, sure, you can play your favorite games non-stop without undue risks. Whether you’re into action, MMORPG, MOBA, or casino games, you’ll certainly have no problems with putting your details online. Unfortunately, the world is still far from perfect.

Hackers in the gaming world are out to get you. They want to get a hold of your digital data and steal money from you. They know that a lot of you have multiple online games linked to a single credit card or bank account that’s probably worth thousands of dollars. And they will not stop at anything to trick you.

No, we’re not saying this just to scare you. We actually want you to know that this is the sobering truth now, and you have to be extra careful in playing online. Below, we listed down common schemes hackers do to obtain confidential information from you. We also give you tips on how to protect your account from them.

They will Send You an Email.

As you may already know, this is called phishing, and it’s probably the most common cyber-attack hackers employ to steal from you. The thing about this is that their emails are very well-written and compelling that you’ll be convinced in no time that it’s from the online gaming company itself. Well, what’s worse is that big companies also fall prey to phishing attacks.

Their emails usually contain a link that will ask you to put in your login credentials in order to get freebies or prizes. When you come to think of it, it’s already too good to be true, but it does work on some. Once they get access to your account, they can change your password and you’ll be locked out of it.

How to Combat This?

The only way to prevent being a victim of a phishing attack like this is, of course, by not giving your credentials. Remember, no company is allowed to ask for your password under any circumstances. In some cases, though, you can verify the veracity of the email just by looking at the sender’s address. If it has typos or misspellings, it’s fake. If you find that that it’s using a public Internet account such as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo!, there’s a good chance it’s not the official company’s email address. And as trivial as it sounds, an official email should be able to refer to you by your name.

They’ll have you Install Malware.

This is the oldest trick in the hackers’ book, and it’s still very rampant in the online gaming community. Players looking for cheats or codes to advance in their games are the usual victims of this kind of trick. If you have tried to do something like this in the past, you might have come across illegal websites that ask you to download specific software, which is typically another game.

We hate to break it to you, but that might be malware designed to steal your credentials or gain access to your computer or network. Most of the time, players are oblivious to the fact that they’ve compromised their security.

How to Combat This?

Keep in mind that developers want you to work hard and put in the time for you to progress in their games. Thus, there’s no way you can do this by downloading software from third-party sites. Still, to be sure, we recommend that you install anti-malware programs. You should be able to find a legit one from the list of online gaming stores jotted down by GamingScan. Aside from that, you can also check them for tips, buying guides and the latest news, updates, and data in the gaming space.

They’ll Guess Your Passwords.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a genius to crack your password. In this day and age, it’s so easy for hackers to use a decryption program to break into your account. This is especially true if your password is weak. Meaning to say, it’s unoriginal and commonplace.

How to Combat this?

Obviously, the only way to avoid this is by using a strong password. If possible, please refrain from using one that is closely similar to your username or one that has your personal details in it. You can try to use tools that generate strong passwords. Usually, they contain random numbers and symbols, and they’re a little bit harder to crack. Just make sure to put them somewhere safe and private.

Final Words

Now that you know these common hacking schemes, we hope that you’ll be more careful when you encounter something suspicious while playing online. As we said, it’s not as safe as you think it is out there so take our advice seriously.

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