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Pros and Cons of Enrolling in a Business Distance Education Program

Advantages, disadvantages, and technology requirements someone must consider when thinking about enrolling in an online graduate business program.

Earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) provides a considerable advantage over co-workers and competitors for lucrative jobs. The largest obstacle people face in earning an MBA is finding the time to complete the program. However, this obstacle is overcome with the help of an essay writer online or through enrollment in an online program. Distance education uses the power of the internet to bring a management program right into the living room.

With all the advancements in online technology and the desire of many adults to earn a degree through distance learning, the number of colleges and universities offering an online MBA program increases daily. Schools such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Alabama, Pennsylvania State University, University of Wisconsin, Colorado State, and a host of other schools offer MBA programs in full or in part through distance education.

Advantages of an Online MBA Program

As with all distance education programs, there are pros and cons and the following are some of the advantages of earning a degree online.

  • Recognition – diplomas and transcripts provide proper recognition from an accredited school and do not distinguish between courses completed in traditional classroom settings or online.
  • Flexibility – a strong advantage for students who have full-time jobs and still have time for families. This flexibility allows students to complete an MBA on a schedule that fits within a busy professional and personal lifestyle.
  • Less Travel – little or no travel associated with an online program. Students save time and money since there is no requirement to commute to class regularly.
  • Personal Attention – graduate students in online programs receive personal attention from instructors through chat rooms, e-mail, and phone conversations. Gone are the days of having to adjust schedules to meet with a professor during his or her office hours.
  • Course Selections – a greater selection of course offerings through distance education programs, as compared to traditional classroom settings. This is often due to physical classroom space limitations on campus and the availability of faculty or adjunct faculty.
  • Other Advantages – there are many additional individual advantages to earning an MBA degree online.

Disadvantages of an Online MBA Program

The following are cons that individuals must be able to overcome to complete an online degree program.

  • Self-Discipline – graduate students must be self-disciplined and self-motivated to make the time commitments necessary to complete the program.
  • Face-to-Face Interaction – for those who need face time with instructors and fellow students, distance education programs may only offer one or two weekends a semester for on-campus sessions.
  • Immediate Answers – sometimes students may need to wait a day or two before they receive an e-mail response from course instructors or fellow students.
  • Online Delivery – those without a personal computer and internet access will find it difficult to complete an online MBA program. Also, dial-up modems are typically too slow to handle an online graduate course.
  • Other Disadvantages – there are additional individual disadvantages to earning an MBA degree online.

Technology Requirements for Distance Education

Graduate students enrolling in online MBA programs need a computer or laptop with internet access and an e-mail account. Internet access through cable, telephone, and satellite companies provides the speed and access necessary to handle online courses. Courses in distance education programs typically use course management systems such as Blackboard and eCollege to administer the courses.

Course professors interact with students using e-mail, online PowerPoint presentations, streaming video, audio, and podcasts. Many courses include links to online textbooks and research resources for students to use during a course. Interaction with other students in an online program is typically accomplished through online discussion group sessions or chat rooms in Blackboard, e-mail, instant messaging, and Skype.

Making Connections in Master’s in Business Administration Program

A business person considering completion of an online MBA program should ask themselves if this strategy is appropriate for him or her. Completing the following short learning style self-assessment will help reinforce the decision to enroll in an online program or determine that the online learning is not recommended.

As with any major decision regarding a professional future in the business world, research is needed and highly recommended to determine the correct school or online program which meets professional goals. Distance education is not for everyone; however, for those with willpower and determination, this approach offers the most flexibility.

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