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10 Best Open Port Scanner and Port Checker Tools for 2024

Port scanners and port checker tools are the most essential parts of finding the open ports and the status of the port.

The open ports mean a TCP or UDP port number that is arranged to acknowledge packets.

Web pages or FTP services require their particular ports to be “open” on the server to be freely reachable.

Table of Contents

What is the Open Port Scanner?
Most Used Ports
Best Port Checker & Port Scanner Tools
Advanced Port Scanner
TCP with Nmap
Network Tool
DNS Tools
Web Proxy and Privacy Tool
Solar Winds Port Scanner
IP Tool


1.What is the security Risk due to Open Ports?

Most of the suspicious software behaves like a service waiting for connections from a remote assailant to give him data or authority over the machine.

The most common security practice is to close unused ports in private machines, to block known access to any service that may keep running on the PC without the client’s information, regardless of whether the authorized service is being misconfigured or because of the suspicious software.

2. Is Port Scanning illegal?

Port scanning itself is not illegal, but scanning the destination host without authorization is illegal and you will get into trouble.

TCP Port scanners help the server administrators and penetration testers to examine at which ports the data is entering into the network and to protect it from invaders.

What is the Open Port Scanner?

An open port scanner is a tool that is used to check the external IP address and identify open ports on the connection.

It is used to detect whether the port forwarding is set up accurately or whether the server applications are being blocked by a firewall.

Port Checker tools are used to examine the network for ports that are commonly forwarded.

Few ports, such as port 25, are usually blocked at the ISP level trying to intercept suspicious tasks.

Each data contains a port number, which allows the protocols to determine their desired location and redirect them accordingly.

Most Used Ports

20 FTP – Data
21 FTP – Control
22 SSH Remote Login Protocol
23 Telnet
25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
110 POP3
115 Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
118 SQL Services
53 Domain Name System (DNS)
143 IMAP
389 LDAP
37 Time Protocol
123 Network Time Protocol
530 Remote procedure call
547 DHCPv6 server

How to Scan Open Ports in Windows?

  1. Press the Windows key and run key at the same time to open the command prompt.

  2. Type cmd and hit enter.

  3. In the command prompt type “netstat -a” and hit enter.

  4. In a few seconds, it displays a complete list of ports that establish the connection.

Best Port Checker & Port Scanner Tools

Best scanner ToolsKey Features
Advanced Port ScannerFast port scanning
Remote access
TCP Port Scan with NmapPort Scanning
Custom scanning options
IPVOIDIP Geolocation
Multi URL Opener
Network Port Scanner ToolFirewall Detection
IP Finder
DNS ToolsRound-trip SMTP monitoring.
Inbound and outbound email tests and header analysis
Web Proxy and Privacy ToolVPN Service
Hide Network Activity
Solar Winds Port ScannerReal-time monitoring and alerting
Powerful diagnostic capabilities
IP ToolInfoblox DNS and DHCP Monitoring
IP Address Discovery
UltraToolsSiteBacker — Monitoring & Failover
Traffic Controller
YougetsignalNetwork Location Tool
Visual Trace Route Tool

Best Port Checker & Port Scanner Tools

  • Advanced Port Scanner
  • TCP with Nmap
  • Network Tool
  • DNS Tools
  • Web Proxy and Privacy Tool
  • Solar Winds Port Scanner
  • IP Tool
  • UltraTools
  • Yougetsignal

1. Advanced Port Scanner

Output displaying ports enabled

Core Features:

  • adaptable interface and usable functionality
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • easy to access

This Open tool is the fastest, easy to access, and freely available everywhere.

It helps to find out the open ports on network computers and extract the kind of programs that are running on detected ports.

These programs have an adaptable interface and usable functionality.

To Whom it is advised?

Network administrators, IT workers, and security experts who need a reliable and effective tool for port scanning in their network environments should definitely get the Advanced Port Scanner.

It’s easy to use and can scan everything, so it’s a great choice for quickly checking network security, controlling network resources, and fixing problems that are connected to networks.

The tool is useful for people who are in charge of keeping computer networks safe and running smoothly because it can quickly scan big networks and give full details about each connected device, including the status of each port.

Key Features

  • Fast tool
  • Remote access
  • Getting information on network devices
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • Easy access
  • Run commands on the remote computer

2. TCP Port Scan with Nmap:

Zenmap/Nmap port scanner

Core Features:

  • interesting ports table
  • Firewall/IDS Evasion and Spoofing
  • Port Specification and Scan Order

This Open tool helps to identify which TCP port is open on your target machine and also provides OS information, service information, and traceroute.

The Nmap tool is a web interface for the widely known Nmap port scanner which is implemented with the correct parameter to give speed and accuracy.

The scanning process is sending packets to each port and listening for acknowledgment.

This is called an ‘SYN scan’, which sends TCP SYN packets to each port. If a port replies with SYN-ACK, it is flagged as open and an RST is sent back by the Nmap tool.

In this way, no full TCP connection is established with the target machine.

To Whom it is advised?

A wide range of professionals, such as network administrators, security experts, ethical hackers, IT professionals, and cybersecurity specialists, highly suggest TCP Port Scan with Nmap.

This tool is very helpful for people who need detailed details about open ports, services, operating system versions, and security holes on their networks.

Nmap can do many things, like IP filtering, firewall evasion, and different scanning methods. This makes it an important tool for thorough network research and security auditing, especially in environments that are complicated and security-sensitive.

Key Features

  • Port Scanning
  • Custom scanning options
  • Able to discover network devices


IPVOID port Scanner

Core Features:

  • DNS propagation checker
  • Ping an IPv4 address or host
  • MX Records Lookup

IPVOID helps to identify services that are running on the server and view TCP open ports.

It also checks and verifies whether the firewall is working accurately. There are security services that block IPs that you don’t hold, so try not to check.

The online tool offers a wide range of scanning options to discover details about IP addresses.

To Whom it is advised?

IPVOID is especially recommended for people who need to do things like find out where an IP address is and handle a lot of URLs quickly.

Because it can do many things, it’s a good choice for web administrators, digital marketers, and cybersecurity experts who do a lot of website and network research.

IPVOID can give you detailed geographic information about IP addresses and manage multiple web links at the same time.

This makes it useful for people who need quick and accurate information about web traffic sources, network geolocation, and effective URL management for operational and security reasons.

Key Features

  • Base64 to Image
  • IPv4 CIDR Checker
  • DiG DNS Lookup
  • IP Geolocation
  • Multi URL Opener

4. Network Appers

Network Port Scanner Tool

Core Features:

  • Reverse IP Domain Checker
  • IP Blacklist Checker
  • IP Subnet Calculator

This Open tool helps to check services that are available and running on the server.

If we want to check what OS version is running, whether ports are open on a server, and whether the server has enabled a firewall or not, then, in this case, to check all the above information, it uses raw IP packets.

This tool is extremely useful to find out if your port forwarding is set up correctly or if your server applications are blocked or not by a firewall.

To Whom it is advised?

System engineers, network administrators, and cybersecurity specialists often recommend open port checker programs. One of the most important parts of network security and administration is finding open ports, and these tools are great for that.

In doing so, they aid in the detection of vulnerabilities and the prevention of security threats by sealing off unused ports.

Network performance optimization, compliance with security regulations, and troubleshooting connectivity issues are all areas where open port checkers can be helpful.

They are crucial in corporate networks, data centers, and hosting environments where network performance, security, and integrity are of the utmost importance.

Key Features

  • Port scanning
  • Firewall Detection
  • IP Finder
  • Open Port detection

5. DNS Tools


Core Features:

  • DNS MX records for domain
  • Test mail server SMTP (port 25)
  • Get IP address block information

It helps you to identify which service is accessible outside of the intranet. Machines use a router with NAT to bind with the internet can’t be obtained outside of the intranet.

Although, by using port forwarding, ports can deviate from the router to the particular machine.

This Open tool online allows for verifying whether redirection works correctly or not.

To Whom it is advised?

Experts in cybersecurity, web development, network administration, and information technology are the main target audience for DNS tools. When dealing with DNS (Domain Name System) problems, these tools are indispensable.

They are useful for verifying DNS records, directing traffic correctly, and translating domain names to IP addresses.

Website accessibility issues and security breaches can be prevented with the use of DNS tools that identify DNS configuration misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Additionally, they help individuals working in digital marketing and website administration to make sure that websites are properly associated with their IP addresses, which improves the availability and safety of online services.

Key Features

  • Round-trip SMTP monitoring.
  • Inbound and outbound email tests and header analysis.
  • Performance metrics and historical statistics.
  • Configurable real-time alerts.
  • Customizable timeouts.

6. Web Proxy and Privacy Tool

Proxy Tool

Core Features:

  • Create private channels between users
  • Give you unrestricted internet access
  • Hide your network activity

This Open port scanner online tool is also known as  “ HideMy[.]name . If anyone wants to hide their identity and access anything and everything, go for a Web proxy.

This tool hides and changes your IP address, and location and you will stay incognito while using the browser.

It is a median to the machine and required website. You can also watch blocked content and play online games as well.

You can surf the internet with maximum speed and connection. It gives protection, privacy, and liberty on any device while browsing.

To Whom it is advised?

Individual users, digital security experts, and IT managers who prioritize online privacy and security are the main target audience for web proxy and privacy tools.

For people who want to hide their online identities, get around geo-restrictions, or access geo-blocked content, these services are invaluable.

When it comes to testing the security of networks, these technologies are indispensable. By simulating online traffic from several places, they can determine how resilient web applications are.

In addition, system administrators frequently employ these instruments to control employee access to the internet, keep tabs on network activity, and shield confidential information from outside interference.

Key Features

  • VPN Service
  • Hide Network Activity
  • Protect Passwords
  • Unrestricted Internet Access

7. Solar Winds Port Scanner

Solar Winds Port Scanner

Core Features:

  • Test open ports for visibility into usability and security
  • Gain more complete network recon
  • Use an open port scanner to understand network configurations

It scans all the IP addresses and TCP and UDP ports to check network vulnerabilities.

You can run the scan from the command line as well, save scan configurations also, and minimize run time scan with multi-threading. Trace end-user and terminal machine connection activity.

It recognizes unknown vulnerabilities and network protocols.

To Whom it is advised?

Network administrators, information technology specialists, and security analysts working for medium to large enterprises are encouraged to use the Solar Winds Port Scanner tool.

People managing complicated network systems that require advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities in real-time will find it particularly beneficial.

Experts in the field who need in-depth analysis of network performance, security flaws, and compliance concerns will find what they’re looking for in this feature-rich application.

Its comprehensive diagnostic information and real-time alert capabilities make it an indispensable tool for managing network resources effectively, keeping networks healthy, and detecting any security breaches in complex and ever-changing IT infrastructures.

Key Features

  • Automated network discovery
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Powerful diagnostic capabilities
  • Enhanced network security

8. IP Tool

Ip Tool

Core Features:

  • IPv4 / IPv6 Detection & Data
  • SSL API Access
  • Scalable API limits

IP tool is known as “whatismyip[.]com “ Port scanner.

This tool scans the network for open ports and decides if those open ports need to be closed to allow network security and fewer vulnerabilities.

This Open port scanner tool shows which ports are open for communication on a network. If in case, a port is opened, it is for remote communication.

To Whom it is advised?

When it comes to managing IP addresses and keeping tabs on networks, the IP Tool is a must-have for network administrators, IT managers, and anybody else in charge of the infrastructure of a network.

People who have to manage things like discovering IP addresses, mapping networks, and monitoring DNS and DHCP will find this application to be useful.

When managing a large number of linked devices and allocating network resources efficiently becomes critical, it becomes much more useful in larger and more complicated network setups.

Its usefulness in guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of a network is enhanced by its capacity to offer thorough understandings of the structure and behavior of the network.

Key Features

  • IP Address Scanner
  • IP Address Tracker
  • Infoblox DNS and DHCP Monitoring
  • IP Address Discovery

9. UltraTools


Core Features:

  • Traffic Controller
  • DNS Shield
  • cloud-based authoritative DNS service

With Ultra tools you can check the DNS performance and the DNS records specified to the domain or the hostname.

DNS Traversal Tool gives you more information on whether the DNS servers have propagated to all Nameservers.

It is a cloud-based authoritative DNS service that securely delivers fast and accurate query responses to websites and other vital online assets.

To Whom it is advised?

Those in the field of information technology security, system administration, or network engineering who need a full suite of tools for domain and DNS analysis should look into UltraTools.

People who maintain websites, configure networks, or conduct security audits will find them indispensable.

The tools are great for anyone who needs to know a lot about DNS and domain settings, how to fix network problems, how to make sure domains are secure, and how to keep web infrastructure healthy in general.

They can do things like lookups for domain names and IP addresses, WHOIS searches, and more. Experts devoted to keeping network and web operations resilient, secure, and efficient will find UltraTools valuable due to its depth and variety.

Key Features

  • SiteBacker — Monitoring & Failover
  • Traffic Controller
  • Directional DNS
  • DNS Shield

10. Yougetsignal

Yougetsignal Open port checker

Core Features:

  • JavaScript object notation (JSON) responses
  • Cascading style sheets
  • An open-source relational database management system (MySQL)

Yougetsignal is the open port checker tool that lets you check any external IP address for open ports.

It is a useful tool to check for the restrictions placed in the Firewall. With this tool, you can check for all TCP and UDP ports.

With the listed above port scanner tools, you can determine the open ports in the network infrastructure.

It is always recommended to close the ports if they are not in use for security reasons.

To Whom it is advised?

Anyone in need of tools for analyzing networks, tracing IP addresses, or inspecting ports should look at Yougetsignal.

It is especially recommended for web developers, cybersecurity specialists, network administrators, and IT professionals.

It’s perfect for anyone who need to keep an eye on network accessibility, find out why connections aren’t working, and find all those open ports that could be security risks.

Also, for those who are having problems with network performance, its applications, such as the visual traceroute tool, are helpful since they show the path that data packets take across networks.

Digital marketers and search engine optimization experts can also benefit from yougetsignal since it provides information about how website hosting and network configurations affect online exposure and performance.

Key Features

  • Port Forwarding Tester
  • What Is My IP Address
  • Network Location Tool
  • Visual Trace Route Tool


Listed are some of the free tools available online to check for the open ports on the server and other DNS queries.

In the year 2024, the top 10 open port scanner and port checker tools stand out due to the extensive capabilities and user-friendly interfaces that they offer.

These tools are designed to meet a variety of requirements in the realm of network management and security. Fast port scanning, custom scanning options, IP geolocation, firewall detection, SMTP monitoring, VPN services, and real-time monitoring are some of the functionalities that are offered by these products.

They offer comprehensive solutions for network administrators, information technology professionals, and security experts, and they are designed for diverse environments that range from small networks to large organizations.

These solutions ensure robust network diagnostics, efficient monitoring, and enhanced security across a variety of platforms and network scales.

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