Google Cloud identity platform launching OpenVPN access that integrated with secure LDAP which enable corporate network users to access their application and infrastruscture using their Cloud Identity credentials.

Cloud Identity is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution offered by Google that allows you to centrally manage users and groups who can access cloud resources.

This OpenVPN service provides secure & flexible VPN solutions to secure your data communications LDAP access to authentication, authorization, and user/group lookups for LDAP based apps and IT infrastructure.

In this case, Google integrated OpenVPN Access Server with their Cloud Identity let allow users remotely access their corporate network and apps over VPN using their G-suite OR Cloud Identity credentials.


Above Image(top half) illustrate the deployment of OpenVPN access with the various cloud services and that are using the cloud identity for authentication and authorization.

Bottom half illustrate how remote employees use VPN to connect to their corporate network and Apps.

According to Google Cloud, ” The Access Servers are configured with a group called ‘IT Admin,’ which allows SSH access to all application servers on all the private networks. This allows any employee identity present in Cloud Identity that is a member of IT Admin’ group to access any of the private networks via VPN and use SSH.”

“Users can configure groups in Access Server that correspond to those stored in Cloud Identity and enforce access controls for the user based on that user’s group membership”


Google launched the dedicated website for OpenVPN where users can obtain the configuration instructions.

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