Oracle POS Systems widely used in food and beverage solutions affected by a Security Bug that allows attackers to gain full access to the business data.

Security researchers from ERPScan detected directory traversal vulnerability (CVE-2018-2636) in Oracle MICROS EGateway Application Service. Oracle issued a security patch for the vulnerability starting January 2018.

The Flaw allows attackers to steal numerous configuration files including logs and the files SimphonyInstall.xml or Dbconfix.xml that contains the usernames and encrypted passwords to connect to DB.

Chastuhin says the attacker can snatch DB usernames and password hashes, brute them and gain full access to the DB with all business data. There are several ways of its exploitation, leading to the whole MICROS system compromise.

Attackers can install POS malware to collect the payment card details and other malware to launch a cyber attack. An attacker can enter into shop distract the shopkeeper and can connect the Raspberry PI to discover a POS system and to execute malicious scripts.

If you believe that gaining access to POS URL is a snap, bear in mind that hackers can find digital scales or other devices that use RJ45, connect it to Raspberry PI, and scan the internal network. That is where they easily discover a POS system. Remember this fact when you pop into a store, researchers said.

According to Shodan more than 170 POS systems available online, attackers can exploit them remotely via crafted HTTP requests if they are not patched.

Oracle POS systems

Mitigation – Oracle POS Systems

Oracle published a patch for the vulnerability along with Spectre and Meltdown processor vulnerabilities.It is highly recommended to contact your vendor in applying security patches.

Researchers published a PoC python script to check that your environment has no such vulnerabilities.

Last November FOREVER 21 suffered a data breach attackers installed POS malware to track and read data from a payment card as it was being routed through the POS device


  1. Hi Gurubaran!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge About Security Bug Affected 300,000 Oracle Point of Sale Systems Puts the Critical Business Data at Risk and mostly people right now, specially planning to have small businesses are confused or doesn’t know what to select the right POS System for their business. But with your Recommendations man is very useful. Oracle was really good as far as i know they got lots of good reviews and good comments I heard that they engaging e-commerce websites for boosting their sales i guess.

    Here in philippines i heard about is offering a high quality POS system. One of my cousin owned an small restaurant and she says that the quality of their product was really Good! Specially when it comes in technical support they are very responsive 24/7.


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