According to 2019 Avast PC Report, Millions Computers are running outdated versions of the popular softwares such as VLC, Skype, Java and Foxit reader are not updated.

The data extracted in this reprt is from 163 million PCs and the report covers the most popular Pcs, software, and hardware used today worldwide.

Oudated softwares are the biggest threats of cyber attack, they provides attackers to exploit the atrget with known vulnerabilities and to gain unauthorized access to the system.

Outdated Versions
Image Source: Avast

Following are the most installed softwares of 2018 that includes, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, WinRAR, Microsoft Office, and Mozilla Firefox.


Among the apps installed 55% of them are not the latest versions,those apps using the frameworks and tools, contain vulnerabilities and for security reasons should be updated immediately.

Outdated Versions
Image Source: Avast

Around the globe windows 7 is the still most popularly used OS and windows vista is the rarely used OS. 9% of all Windows 10 operating systems used by users globally are out-of-date and potentially vulnerable.

Office is one of the most used applications worldwide and one of the most out-of-date. Number of exploit kits targets Microsoft Office vulnerabilities that allows attackers to execute malicious scripts silently on the victim machine.

In a recent campaign hackers abuse Critical flaw in Microsoft word Online Video future that allows attackers to deliver malware into the victim’s system

According to report 63% of PCs are laptops, Half of the users have 4 GB of memory and Only 15% of users own a fast SSD.

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