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Smart Light

New Research Shows Smart Light Can Be Used To Steal User’s Private Data Invisibly

New research shows that connected smart light can be used as a covert-channel to exfiltrate the user’s private data by taking advantage of light...
Navi Mumbai Hospital

Hackers Compromised Navi Mumbai Hospital Computers Sytems With Ransomware

Ransomware attack hits computer systems of Navi Mumbai Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital. The attack came into light on Sunday when a receptionist switched on...

Intel Paid $100,000 Reward to Researchers who Discovered Spectre 1.1, 1.2 CPU Level Vulnerability

Intel rewarded $100,000 for two security researchers to find the CPU Spectre level critical vulnerability which leads to leak confidential information through microarchitectural side...
Thermanator attack

Thermanator Attack – Attackers can Steal Password and PINs Typed on Keyboards by Reading...

Thermanator attack based on the heat transfer that caused by the user while entering input data, such as typing a password on the keyboard. We...
Modern cars

Modern Cars are Vulnerable to Hacking and Malware Attack

Today convicted Modern cars are using a lot of technology and it always connected with internet that makes it extremely vulnerable and easy to...


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