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3,000+ Android Malware Using Unique Compression Methods to Avoid Detection

Android Smartphones play a vital role in our daily lives, as they help us stay connected and, not only that, they also help in...

New Android Malware Via WhatsApp steals Call logs, Locations, & Contacts

According to reports, a new Android malware is circulating under the guise of a fake chat application that is being distributed through WhatsApp.This malware...

New Android Malware Uses Optical Character Recognition to Steal Login Credentials

A new Android malware strain uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques to extract sensitive data from pictures.This new Android malware strain is dubbed "CherryBlos,"...
Android Malware on Google Play

New Android Malware on Google Play Store with Over 50,000 Installs

The cybersecurity researchers at ESET recently made a significant discovery, a previously unidentified remote access trojan (RAT) lurking within an Android screen recording app,...

DoNot APT Hackers Attack Individuals Using Android Malware via Chatting Apps

CYFIRMA recently detected a cyber-attack on a person living in Kashmir, India, and obtained two malware pieces from the victim's mobile download folder.The investigation...

New Android Malware Infecting 60 Google Play Apps with Over 100M Installs

Recently, McAfee’s Mobile Research Team discovered 'Goldoson,' a new type of Android malware, has crept into the Google Play store through 60 genuine apps,...

Fake Calls Android Malware Attacking Android Users to Steal Banking Details

An Android Trojan dubbed “FakeCalls” was spotted by the Check Point Research team. This malware can pretend to be one of more than 20...

New Version of Xenomorph Android Malware Attacks 400 Banks Customers

As per the latest findings of ThreatFabric, a version of the Android banking trojan with the name Xenomorph has been discovered in the wild...
Android Malware Financial Institutions

Spynote Android Malware Targeting Financial Institutions to Steal Sensitive Information

Since October 2022, a new version of Android malware known as SpyNote (aka SpyMax) has been targeting financial institutions as a means of stealing...
New BrasDex Android Malware

Hackers Use New BrasDex Android Malware to Steal Users’ Banking Details

A new Android trojan called BrasDex has been identified as the work of the same threat actors responsible for the Casbaneiro malware that targets...

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