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MaaS – Rent an Android Malware “Cerberus” From Underground Forums To Control Any Android Device Remotely

MaaS – Rent an Android Malware “Cerberus” From Underground Forums To Control Any Android...

Researchers discovered a new Android malware "Cerberus" that is being rented (Malware-as-a-service) on underground forums for the last two year and the...
Malicious websites

New Android Malware that Uses Chrome to Load Malicious websites through Notifications

New malware spotted on Google play that directs users to malicious websites and subscribes users to advertising notifications. The malware is distributed...

New Android Malware “BasBanke” Steal Financial Data Such as Credentials & Credit/Debit Card Numbers

Researchers discovered a new Android Malware called "BasBanke" targeting Brazilian users to steals financial related sensitive data such as credentials and credit/debit...

New Android Malware Gustuff Targeting 100+ Banking, 32 Cryptocurrency and Messengers apps such as...

Gustuff a fully automated baking malware that abuses the accessibility Service to steal login credentials from 100+ global bank accounts and robs...
Malicious PDF

Android Malware Delivered Through Malicious PDF Attachments Collects Phone Numbers

A new campaign that delivers malicious PDF file that leads to download the file malicious APK file to the user’s device.


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