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Phishing Email Campaign

DanaBot Banking Trojan Steal Private and Sensitive Information

A new phishing email campaign targeting Australian customers with a fake standard MYOB-like HTML invoice template that contains FTP links pointed to compromised servers. With...
Ursnif Banking Trojan

A New Variant of Ursnif Banking Trojan Distributed Through Malicious Microsoft Word Documents

A new improved version of the infamous Ursnif banking Trojan leverages Necurs botnet infrastructure targets Italian companies. The malware primarily targets the financial sector...
MysteryBot Trojan

MysteryBot – Powerful Android Banking Trojan Launch Keylogger, Overlay & Ransomware in Single Attack

Newly Discovered Android-based MysteryBot Trojan launches various attack such as overlay, keylogger, and Ransomware in a single attack to perform various malicious activities. Based on...
MnuBot malware

MnuBot – New Banking Trojan Take Browsers Screenshots, Keylogging to Steal Bank Data

Newly discovered banking Trojan named MnuBot malware spreading to steal the sensitive bank related information such as login credentials through taking the screenshot of...
DNS Spoofing

Android Spyware & Banking Trojan Attack via DNS Spoofing that Poses as Legitimate Facebook...

A new wave of network attacks that uses DNS spoofing and cache poisoning method to distribute XLoader  Android Spyware and Banking Trojan. DNS Spoofing or poisoning ...


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