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5 Methods to Secure Your Company’s Data from Cybercriminals

Your data is a big part of your company. There are a hundred ways to immediately lose all of them and that could get...

Gas Stations Hacked – CyberCriminals Stole Over 120,000 Litres of Fuel

French Authorities arrested five men hacking group who stole more than 120,000 Litres of fuels from French gas stations.The hack was done through a...

Cybercriminals Advertising Godzilla Loader Malware On Dark Web Forums

Cybercriminals Advertising Godzilla Loader Malware for $500 on Dark web forums, the malware found actively maintained and getting new updates periodically.Godzilla modern downloader or...

Cybercriminals Exploit PHP Weathermap Vulnerability to Install Cryptocurrency Miner on Linux Servers

An active cryptocurrency mining campaign targeting Linux servers via PHP Weathermap Vulnerability to deploy cryptocurrency mining malware. The campaign uses an outdated security flaw...

Hackers Exploiting Docusign With Phishing Attack To Steal Credentials

Hackers prefer phishing as it exploits human vulnerabilities rather than technical flaws which make it a highly effective and low-cost attack method. Phishing attacks can...

Russian APT Hackers Attacking Critical Infrastructure

Russia leverages a mix of state-backed Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and financially motivated cybercriminals to achieve its strategic goals, as APT groups conduct...

Threat Actor Selling INC Ransomware Code for $300,000

A notorious threat actor has decided to sell the INC Ransomware code for an unbelievable $300,000.As a result of this change, the number...

Hackers Abuse GoTo Meeting Tool to Deploy Remcos RAT

In a sophisticated cyberattack campaign, hackers are using the online meeting platform GoToMeeting to distribute a Remote Access Trojan known as Remcos.This alarming development...

DDoS Attack Size Increased by 233.33%, UDP-Based are Popular

The latest Nexusguard DDoS Trend Report for 2024 has unveiled a significant escalation in the size of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks throughout...

Bangladesh IT Provider Database Compromise: 95k Email Addresses Leaked

Tappware, a prominent IT service provider, faced a breach when approximately 50GB of its database was leaked on a hacker forum.This database contained 2.3...

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