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Hackers Exploiting Confluence Flaw to Deploy Ransomware

Hackers actively target Confluence flaws because it is a widely used collaboration and documentation platform, making it a valuable target for gaining unauthorized access...

Ransomware Actors Exploiting Legitimate System Tools to Gain Access – FBI

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, causing organizations to lose millions of dollars, restricting them from accessing their data, and possibly disclosing personal information.According to...

CitrixBleed Flaw Widely Exploited, Primarily by a Ransomware Gang

At the end of October, AssetNote released a proof-of-concept for the CVE-2023–4966 associated with sensitive information disclosure for Citrix Netscaler ADC devices and was...
AvosLocker Ransomware

Hackers Using Remote Admin Tools To Compromise Organizations With Ransomware

Cybercriminals behind the AvosLocker ransomware attack employed a tactic of infecting organizations through Open-Source Remote Administration Tools.This method allowed the malware to spread...

Qakbot Threat Actors Deliver Knight Ransomware & Remcos Via LNK Files

Qakbot's infrastructure and cryptocurrency assets were seized by government authorities in an operation in August 2023 with the assistance of international allies, raising concerns...

Storm-0324 Abusing Microsoft Teams To Gain Initial Access And Deploy Ransomware

Storm-0324, a financially driven threat actor group, was detected delivering phishing messages using Microsoft Teams.In the past, it has been accused of disseminating phishing...
Cryptocurrency Mixing

Snatch Ransomware Group Leaked User’s Location and Internal Data

The Snatch Ransomware group is considered dangerous due to its advanced techniques and ability to evade detection. Security systems find it difficult to identify and...

Threat Actors Actively Using Remote Management Tools to Deploy Ransomware

The threat actors have been spotted increasingly depending on Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tools, which resulted in a relatively botched Hive ransomware distribution. The original payload...

BlackCat Ransomware Leveraging Remote Monitoring Tools to Encrypt Azure Storage

BlackCat Ransomware variant Sphynx has been newly identified with additional features used for encrypting Azure Storage accounts. This Sphynx variant of BlackCat was first...

3AM Ransomware Attack – Stop Services & Delete Shadow Copies Before Encrypting

Ransomware is a universal threat to enterprises, targeting anyone handling sensitive data when profit potential is high.A new ransomware named 3AM has surfaced and...

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