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iPhones Hacked Via iOS Zero-Click Exploit To Deploy Spyware

Microsoft Threat Intelligence experts say a threat group is associated with "QuaDream," an Israeli-based private sector offensive actor (PSOA). It employed a zero-click exploit called...

Spyware Vendors Exploit 0-Days On Android and iOS Devices

The Threat Analysis Group (TAG) of Google unveiled recently that commercial spyware vendors targeted Android and iOS devices using zero-day vulnerabilities patched last year.In...

Iranian APT42 Deploys Custom Android Spyware to Spy on Targets of Interest

The cybersecurity experts at Mandiant security have recently uncovered custom Android malware that was developed specifically to spy on Android devices. While this custom...

24-Year-Old Australian Hacker Arrested For Creating and Selling Spyware

A 24-year-old man was arrested and charged with creating and selling spyware, triggering a global law enforcement operation. As a result, the AFP has...

Google Chrome 0-Day Vulnerability Exploited in The Wild To Deploy Spyware

This month came to light a zero-day vulnerability that has long been exploited by evildoers inside Google Chrome, but that has now been patched...

ISPs Helped Hackers to Infect Smartphones with Hermit Spyware

It was reported by the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) that highly sophisticated spyware known as Hermit has been discovered. There are several ISPs...

A New zero-click iMessage Exploit Used to Install NSO Group Spyware on iPhones

A new zero-click iMessage exploit has been discovered by the security analysts at Citizen Lab that has been used by the threat actors to...

A New Spyware Campaign Attack Industrial Enterprises To Steal Corporate Credentials

Several spyware campaigns have been discovered recently by the security researchers at Kaspersky Labs in which the industrial enterprises were targeted by the threat...

APT C-23 Hackers Using Android Spyware to Hack Middle East Android Users

The Sophos cybersecurity researchers have recently spotted new variants of APT C-23's Spyware, and is primarily use this Android Spyware to hack their targeted...

Apple Fixes iMessage Zero-Click Bug That Used to Deploy NSO Pegasus Spyware

Recently, Apple has published a security update for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, in which it addresses a number of zero-day vulnerabilities, and...

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