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Cloudflare Launched Warp – A New Free VPN Service for iOS and Android Users

Cloudflare launched "Warp", a free VPN service that automatically encrypts all the web traffic coming out of your device by default.
WordPress and Joomla

Hackers Using WordPress and Joomla Sites to Distribute Shade Ransomware

CMS based sites such as WordPress and Joomla are the popular targets for cybercriminals, they hijack those sites and inject malicious contents.
Instagram Stories

5 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram Stories Polls

Instagram Stories (ig Stories) is one of the most important concern in Instagram that has grown to be more than just a...
Lockergoga Ransomware

The Recent Widely Spreading Lockergoga Ransomware Infection Can Be Stopped by creating a Shortcut...

Lockergoga infection was first spotted in January 2019, the ransomware particularly targets on critical infrastructure. The Lockergoga ransomware encrypts...

Pwn2Own 2019 – Tesla Car Internet Browser Hacked – Hackers Won the Car &...

First and the second-day contest ended up with a various successful attempt to exploit the different bugs in multiple software vendors including,...


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