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Driftnet – Tool used to Capture Images that Your Friend looking at Online

How we can launch a MITM attack with Websploit and the Driftnet - Tool used to capture images.MITM attack is a type of cyber attack where...

URLSnarf – Tool Used to Capture Website Links that Your Friend Looking Online

In this article, we can launch a MITM attack with Websploit and the Driftnet Tool - URLSnarf used to capture images.MITM attack is a type of...
Dark Pink APT Group

Dark Pink APT Group Compromised 13 Organizations in 9 Countries

Dark Pink has successfully targeted 13 organizations across 9 countries, highlighting the extent of their malicious activities.
APT Hacker Group Attacking SMBs

APT Hacker Group Attacking SMBs to Use Their Infrastructure

Proofpoint's security researchers have identified indications of sophisticated threat actors focusing their attention on small and medium-sized enterprises and service providers operating within that...

Lancefly APT Hackers Using Custom Backdoor to Attack Government Orgs

The cybersecurity researchers at Symantec Threat Labs recently discovered APT hacking group has been utilizing the specialized 'Merdoor' backdoor malware to conduct precise and...

Hackers Adapting New Unique Way to Overcome Microsoft Default Macro Block

There has been a shift in threat actor behavior in recent years. Observations by threat researchers showed a peak in their change of activities.Ever...

Cisco Phone Adapters Flaw Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code

Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapters have been reported to be vulnerable to arbitrary code execution via a malicious firmware upgrade. Cisco has classified this...

Russian APT28 Group Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Cisco Routers

A recent report from CISA (US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)  revealed that the APT 28 group was responsible for exploiting Cisco routers with...

DoNot APT Hackers Attack Individuals Using Android Malware via Chatting Apps

CYFIRMA recently detected a cyber-attack on a person living in Kashmir, India, and obtained two malware pieces from the victim's mobile download folder.The investigation...

Winnti APT Hackers Attack Linux Servers With New Malware ‘Mélofée’

The discovery of a novel malware piece targeting Linux servers has been attributed to an unknown Chinese state-sponsored hacking group.ExaTrack, a French security firm,...

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