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Malware Detection Competition

Microsoft Launchs a New Windows machine Malware Detection Competition for $25K Cash Prize

Microsoft launches Malware Detection Competition with AI to test whether the participants AI malware detection models can accurately predict malware from the...
KingMiner Malware

KingMiner Malware Targets Windows Servers and Uses 100% CPU To Mine Monero

KingMiner malware targets Windows server and utilizes entire CPU resources to mine Monero. The malware primarily targets Microsoft Servers using IISSQL. The malware was first...
Windows Files

New Malware Abusing Two Legitimate Windows Files to Steal Victims Personal Data

Researchers discovered a new malware that abusing two legitimate windows files and use it against compromised victims to steal sensitive information. One file wmic.exe is...

New Xbash Malware Attack on Linux & Windows with Botnet, Ransomware & Coinminer Capabilities

Newly discovered Xbash malware with multiple capabilities such as  Botnet, Ransomware & Coinminer to compromise windows and Linux machine which is controlled under the Iron-based threat actor...
Windows Task Scheduler

Hackers Started Exploiting the Unpatched Windows Task Scheduler Zero Day Flaw using Malware

Malicious Hackers created a malware with an exploit for an unpatched Microsoft Zero-day flaw that was revealed a few days before by Belgium security...


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