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Okta Warns of Credential Stuffing Attacks Using Proxy Services

Okta has issued a warning about the increasing prevalence of credential-stuffing attacks.These attacks, which leverage stolen user credentials to gain unauthorized access to...
Android Malware Brokewell

Android Malware Brokewell With Complete Device Takeover Capabilities

A new family of mobile malware known as "Brokewell" has been found to have a wide range of device takeover capabilities. This seriously threatens the...

Palo Alto Networks Shares Remediation Advice for Hacked Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks has issued urgent remediation advice after discovering a critical vulnerability, designated CVE-2024-3400, which threat actors have exploited to gain unauthorized access...

Spyroid RAT Attacking Android Users to Steal Confidential Data

A new type of Remote Access Trojan (RAT) named Spyroid has been identified.This malicious software is specifically designed to infiltrate Android systems, stealing...

Tracing the Steps of Cyber Intruders: The Path of Lateral Movement

When cyber attacks strike, it's rarely a single computer that suffers. Nowadays, cybercriminals set their sights on corporate networks, aiming to infiltrate and compromise...

Hellokity Ransomware Actors Returns Under New Name

The notorious cybercrime group previously known as Hellokity has reemerged under a new alias, "HelloGookie."This development was reported by the cybersecurity watchdog MonThreat...
Cybersecurity Trends in the Future Markets Landscape

Cybersecurity Trends in the Future Markets Landscape

In an era of constant digital evolution, cybersecurity has become crucial in protecting the integrity of global information networks. It's vital for all, from...

Akira Ransomware Attacks Over 250 Organizations and Collects $42 Million

The Akira ransomware variant has severely impacted more than 250 organizations worldwide, amassing approximately USD 42 million in ransom payments.This information comes...

Alert! Windows LPE Zero-day Exploit Advertised on Hacker Forums

A new zero-day Local Privilege Escalation (LPE) exploit has been put up for sale on a notorious hacker forum.This exploit, which has not...
Phishing-as-a-Service Platform LabHost

Phishing-as-a-Service Platform LabHost Seized by Authorities

Authorities have dismantled LabHost, a notorious cybercrime platform that facilitated widespread phishing attacks across the globe.The crackdown on LabHost, founded in the UK...

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