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Outdated Versions

Millions of Devices Found Running Outdated Versions of the Famous Softwares

According to 2019 Avast PC Report, Millions Computers are running outdated versions of the popular softwares such as VLC, Skype, Java and...
E-commerce sites

Hundreds of E-commerce Websites Injected with Skimming Code That Steals Payment card Data

Hundreds of E-commerce sites infected with the malicious skimming code that steals the customer payment card from checkout pages.
Cryptocurrency Trades

How to Track Your Cryptocurrency Trades and Portfolio

People who are used to trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum among other cryptocurrencies already know the lucrative opportunities that are available. Cryptocurrency...

35 Malicious Anti-Virus Apps Discovered in Google Play store that Affected 6 Million Users

Researchers discovered 35 Malicious Android-based Anti-virus apps from Google Play store and the apps were downloaded and installed by more than 6 Million users...
Smart Bulbs

Hackers Can Exfiltrate & Transfer the Sensitive Data using Smart Bulbs Lights

A new research reveals that hackers can exfiltrate the sensitive data from the Smart Bulbs using lights as a channel and transfer the data...


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