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Trojans Stealing Money From User Accounts Using WAP-billing mobile payment

WAP-billing Trojans in raise from the second Quater of 2017 and they are targeting users from India and Russia, seems these Trojans were developed...

Banking Trojan “Faketoken” Monitor and Record the Phone Calls and other Sensitive Informations

A Banking Trojan called  "Faketoken" Evolving with much more capabilities from Earlier Version that can steal the sensitive information and ability to Monitor and...

Beware – More than Thousand Spyware Apps from “SonicSpy,” Family Identified in Google Play

Security experts from Lookout identified thousands of spyware apps in Google Play that belongs to SonicSpy family.They identified this threat after their cloud Security...
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Vault 7 Leaks: CIA Hacking Tool “CouchPotato” Remotely Capture Videos & Images -WikiLeaks

Wikileaks revealed a new CIA Document of Remote hacking tool called "CouchPotato" Capture and collecting videos Steaming in RTSP/H.264 formats and also ability to capture...

Vault 7 Leaks:CIA Hacking Tool “Dumbo” Hack WebCams & Corrupt Video Recordings – WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Revealed New CIA Cyber Weapon called "Dumbo" that has been developed with Sophisticated functionality  to hacking Webcams and Corrupt Video Recordings by physical...


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