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Sophisticated Cryptocurrency Mining RETADUP Worm Goes Polymorphic to Evade Detection by Security Scanners

A new variant of cryptocurrency mining RETADUP worm found shifted to AutoHotKey versionĀ an open source windows programming language that used for creating hotkeys. It allows...
Cryptocurrency mining attacks

XIAOBA Ransomware Code Regenerated as Deadly Cryptocurrency Miner

Starting from 2018 cyber threat landscape shifted from Ransomware to Cryptocurrency mining attacks, attackers targeted a number of web portals, Android devices, and a...
Cryptomining Trojan

Rarog Cryptomining Trojan Connecting to 161 Different Command and Control (C2) Servers & ...

Newly discovered Rarog Cryptomining Trojan Mining Monero cryptocurrency and infected around 166,000 victims around the world that keep spreading by using various methods. Rarog Trojan...
DNS service

Cloudflare Announced Internet’s Fastest DNS Service that Extremely Focus on Consumer Privacy

Cloudflare announced DNS service for everyone and to note this is the first service consumer-focused service offered by Cloudflare. According to DNSPerf rank's...
Business Phishing Campaign

Active Business Phishing Campaign Targeting Fortune 500 Companies to Steal Financial Assets

Hackers involved in Business Phishing Campaign using well crafted social engineering methods to harvest login credentials and to steal money. The attack most likely to...


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