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Avast Shares CCleaner Hack Investigation Report that Reveals Third Stage Payload with Keylogger Capabilities

Avast shared the CCleaner hack investigation report at the Security Analyst Summit in Mexico, researchers said the malware was installed on the built servers...

Currency Stealer Malware “ComboJack” Targets Online Wallets by Replacing Clipboard(Copy&paste) Addresses

Don't forget to check destination wallet before completing the transaction, a new currency stealer malware detected targetting online wallets and cryptocurrencies.The combojack malware targets...

Trojan Comes Preinstalled on More than 40 Cheap Android Device Models

Some of the cheap Android device models comes preinstalled with Trojan Android.Triada.231 that infects Android system component Zygote where all the Android application process...

Several Gas Station Design Flaws Allows Attackers to Change the Price and Take Full...

The Executive Committee of the Mediterranean Association of ICT Experts (ASPERTIC), meeting at its winter assembly in Barcelona on 16 and 17 February 2018,...

Hackers using .NET Malware Called “Evrial” to steals Bitcoins by Abusing the clipboard

A new stealthy .NET malware discovered with sophisticated functionality that steals bitcoin by abusing the clipboard to taking control of it and modifying the cryptocoin address.Initially,...

Hackers Illegally Purchasing Abused Code-signing & SSL Certificates From Underground Market

Threat actors using Abused Code-signing certificate from reputable companies as a layer of obfuscation in distributing malicious payloads.Abused Codesigning certificates would provide integrity for...

Active Business Phishing Campaign Targeting Fortune 500 Companies to Steal Financial Assets

Hackers involved in Business Phishing Campaign using well crafted social engineering methods to harvest login credentials and to steal money.The attack most likely to...

Wikipedia Page Linked with “Minr” Cryptojacking Malware Infected 3rd Party Website

Cryptojacking Malware called "Minr" infected website has been linked with Wikipedia Page that leads to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).Wikipedia visitors who visiting the concern...

Hackers Spreading Cryptocurrency Mining scripts via videos that Embedded in MS Office Word Documents

Microsoft word documents abused by Cryptocurrency Mining script embedded phishing Videos and victims tricked into watching an "innocent" video that leads to performing a crypto-Jacking Attack...

Cryptojacking Attack – Tesla Internal Servers Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla internal servers compromised by hackers and exposed the sensitive data from Tesla‚Äôs Kubernetes console that has been used for performing the cryptojacking attack.Kubernetes is...

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