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Penetration Testing Distribution BlackArch Linux 2018.06.01 Released With Powerful New Hacking Tools

A Penetration Testing OS BlackArch Linux 2018.06.01 Released with new ISOs and OVA image and set of high-quality updates for Penetration testers.

BlackArch Linux is one of the Powerful  Arch Linux-based penetration testing distribution which contains around  1981 Hacking tools.

BlackArch Linux one of the widely using Distribution by hackers, penetration testers and security researchers for various security research purposes.

This New release including the new version of blackarch-installer (v0.7), kernel 4.16.12 and many other high-quality improvements.

BlackArch Linux contains various tools for Various Purposes such as DDoS Attacks, Phishing attacks, Web and network based attacks, WiFi Attacks.

BlackArch Linux helps to perform Pentesting in various Platform such as network pentesing, Mobile App Pentesting, Web application pentesting Etc.

Also, BlackArch Linux fixed important load failures, system group, and user failures and also renamed ISO filename.

Along with this new updates, BlackArch Linux added more than 60 new tools and it is a lightweight expansion to Arch Linux for penetration testers.

BlackArch Linux New ChangeLog

  • added more than 60 new tools
  • added config files for i3-wm (BlackArch compatible))
  • network stack tunings (sysctl + tuning.sh)
  • added system/pacman clean-up script (consistency++)
  • switched to terminus font (console, LXDM, WMs, x-terminals, …)
  • replaced second browser midori with chromium
  • really, a lot of clean-ups and many tweaks!
  • renamed ISO filename
  • fixed awesome-wm quit/exit issue
  • fixed system group and user failures
  • fixed kernel module load failures
  • update blackarch installer to version 0.7 (bugfix + many improvements)
  • included Linux kernel 4.16.12
  • updated all blackarch tools and packages including config files
  • updated all system packages
  • updated all window manager menus (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)
  • re-add multilib

BlackArch’s features:

  • Support for x86_64, armv6h, armv7h and aarch64 architectures
  • Over 1950 tools (constantly increasing)
  • Modular package groups
  •  A live ISO with multiple window managers, including dwm, fluxbox,
  • openbox, awesome, wmii, i3 and spectrwm.
  • An 64bit OVA image ready to use with Virtualbox, QEMU, and VMware
  • An optional installer with the ability to build from source.

You can download the new ISOs here: Download

Also you can  follow the Instruction for installation: Installation Steps

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