Pyeongchang Olympic

Security researchers from McAfee spotted a Phishing campaign targeting companies associated with Pyeongchang Olympic 2018.The multi-sport event is to take place in South Korea.

Hackers primarily targetted [email protected] and several other Korean companies in BCC.And most of them associated in some way to Pyeongchang Olympic.

McAfee Researchers spotted the campaign started on December 22, 2017, and the activity appeared up to December 28, 2017.All the Email sent from IP address in Singapore and the attackers spoofed the Email address to have appeared as [email protected].

Attached is an email was a malicious Microsoft Word document with the original file name 농식품부, 평창 동계올림픽 대비 축산악취 방지대책 관련기관 회의 개최.doc (“Organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics”).

Attackers embedded malicious documents as a hypertext application (HTA) file and then hide it as an image in the remote server with visual basic macros to launch the decoder script.Researchers said they also wrote custom PowerShell code to decode the hidden image and reveal the implant.

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When the victim opens the document it asks to “enable content” to load the file properly in word, if victim clicks on “enable content” then the malicious document executes PowerShell script which downloads and reads an image file from a remote location and carves out a hidden PowerShell implant script embedded within the image file to execute.

The script is heavily disguised with string-based obfuscation to make the analysis job difficult researchers deobfuscate the control server URLs, the implant establishes a connection to the following site over SSL.


Researchers said, based on our analysis, this implant establishes an encrypted channel to the attacker’s server, likely giving the attacker the ability to execute commands on the victim’s machine and to install additional malware.

With the upcoming Olympics, we expect to see an increase in cyber attacks using Olympics-related themes,” the McAfee report concluded.

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