Web Security Academy

Portswigger launched Web Security Academy, a free new learning source that covers techniques and methods for exploiting the bugs and how to avoid them.

The training program contains learning materials, vulnerability labs that allows you to practice instantly while you are learning.

“This is a brand new learning resource providing training on web security vulnerabilities, techniques for finding and exploiting bugs, and defensive measures for avoiding them,” reads Portswigger blog post.

Portswigger claims that all the contents of Web Security Academy are high-quality learning materials, interactive vulnerability labs, and video tutorials. You will get all the materials for free. All you need is just to sign up to access the materials.

Now they covered only the classic web security vulnerabilities:

Portswigger assured that “We’ll be adding new topics and many more vulnerability labs soon. This will be living and actively maintained a resource that we’ll continue updating, to eventually cover the full range of web security vulnerabilities”.

The most famous Burp Suite web application Scanner was developed by PortSwigger. Thousands of organizations and individuals use the tool for web application security testing.

Along with this, you can learn Mastery Web Hacking and Penetration Testing Complete Bundle.

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