POS Malware Steals Users Payment Card Details from Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

The Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants, Inc disclosed a security breach that involved with malware on point-of-sale terminals which allowed hackers to steal payment data.

Checkers and Rally’s restaurants operate in 28 states, and it is one of the largest double drive-thru restaurants in the United States. The company operates nearly 900 restaurants across the country.

According to the companies investigation, they determined malware was installed on approximately 15% of restaurants point-of-sale systems and an unauthorized third party accessed the customer payment card details.

The malware was designed to collect the following information form payment cards that include cardholder name, payment card number, card verification code, and expiration date.

“After discovering the issue, we quickly engaged leading data security experts to conduct an extensive investigation and coordinated with affected restaurants and federal law enforcement authorities to address the matter.”

Out of 900 restaurants, 102 being impacted with the security breach, you can find the list of the impacted locations and their respective estimated dates of exposure is available here.

Most of the affected restaurants in the list are between 2018 and 2019, some of them in 2017 and 2 restaurants since 2016.

“Not all Checkers and Rally’s restaurants and not all guests who visited the impacted restaurants during the relevant time periods were affected by this issue,” reads breach report.

“Checkers encourages guests to review their account statements and contact their financial institution or card issuer immediately if they identify an unauthorized charge on their card.”

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