Automated Telegram Based SQLi Vulnerability Scanner

New powerful Fully Automated SQli Vulnerability scanner which inherits the functionality of Telegram messenger and Arachni Scanner introduced by Russian member in dark web forum “Katyusha Scanner,” comes into limelight immediately.

Outstanding support provided for this product including frequent updates and gains grateful clients with it’s easy to interface and incredible performance.

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Katyusha Scanner is offered for $500, however, due to huge demand, a light version was presented on May 10, 2017. Including limited functionality, the light version is accessible at a reduced price of $250 per license.

Automated Telegram Based SQLi Vulnerability Scanner

Most recent releases were Katyusha 0.8 Pro which released on June 26, and now it is available for rent at $200 per month and with a one time fee $500.

With Arachni, Burp or any other scanner, we can scan only one domain at a time, but Katyusha having a unique functionality which allows uploading list of domains and to launch counter attack simultaneously and the operations can be controlled through Telegram.

Curiously, the name Katyusha was not picked by chance — it represents an iconic rocket launcher, created by the Soviet Union amid World War II known for dispensing alarm in Nazi powers with its stealthy and wrecking attacks.

Automated Telegram Based SQLi Vulnerability Scanner

Pro version of the tool not only detects the vulnerability but it also exploits it and extracts privileged information such as login credentials. Once scan completed it will display the display the Alexa rank of the domain and its popularity.

Katyusha has gotten various gleaming reviews from several customers.

“Excellent support! The seller has configured the software for my server, which was failing before, however, right now it flies divinely! I highly recommend the software, and it has found eight SQL vulnerabilities in half a day, great automation of the routine. Very grateful to the seller.”

“The author has helped with the product setup after the purchase, and (Katyusha) has immediately found SQL vulnerability. Thank you for the great product.”

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Credits: recordedfuture


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