The port of  San Diego computer system hit a massive cyber attack  On September 27, 2018, and it was confirmed by officials as a Ransomware attack.

The Port of San Diego serves the people of California as a specially created district, balancing multiple uses on 34 miles along San Diego Bay spanning five cities

A statement released by the port indicates that cybercriminals infiltrate the port’s computer network systems and infect it using unknown ransomware.

Ransomware works by encrypting the infected user data and the attacker holding the Private key until the demand ransom amount to be paid.

Port of San Diego Approach the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and they are started the further investigation to figure it out the way attackers were compromised the IT system.

Officials said, “Hackers breached the Port’s information technology systems on Tuesday and demanded payment in Bitcoin” and the demanded amount doesn’t disclose.

According to Port of San Diego CEO Randa Coniglio, Port employees continue to have limited functionality which may have temporary impacts on service to the public, especially in the areas of park permits, public records requests, and business services.

No further information is available at this time; updates will be provided as information is available,”

Also as previously stated, the Port has mobilized a team of industry experts and local, regional, state and federal partners to minimize impacts and restore system functionality, with priority placed on public safety-related systems.

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