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Hacker Selling Powerful SquirtDanger Malware in Underground Market that Take’s Screenshot, Steal Wallets & Browser Passwords

Newly discovered botnet malware called SquirtDanger is widely Distributing, selling, and trading in the global underground market and infect the victims to steal the sensitive information.

This Malware was created by the well-known Russian cybercriminal “TheBottle” who is actively creating dangerous malware families and selling it to underground forums.

Beside of this  SquirtDanger investigation, TheBottle creating several malware families, including Odysseus Project, Evrial, Ovidiu Stealer, and several others.

SquirtDanger is heavily obfusticated malware family that is written in C# (C Sharp) and has multiple layers of embedded code.

SquirtDanger Malware has an ability to perform following Malicious Activities.

  • Take screenshots
  • Delete malware
  • Send file
  • Clear browser cookies
  • List processes
  • Kill process
  • List drives
  • Get directory information
  • Download file
  • Upload file
  • Delete file
  • Steal wallets
  • Steal browser passwords
  • Swap identified wallets in the victim’s clipboard
  • Execute file

This Malware ability to steal Passwords from Chrome, Firefox, Yandex Browser, Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Opera.

Also has the ability to seek out wallets for various cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Dash, Electrum Ethereum, Monero.

The Malware coder “TheBottle” has placed this malware code in GitHub repository and that was confirmed by the Paloalto researchers based on the investigation.

Hackers Telegram Channel

A Group of Cyber Criminals are actively contributing to the most dangerous cyber crimes such as coordinating attacks, developing malicious code, and trading/selling access to several different botnets and builders.

A Telegram channel exposing A group of  900 individuals are helping each other for various cyber attacks most of whom appear to be Russian.

Also, this telegram group appears to be some interesting prolific actors who have developed most sophisticated Malware and selling into underground markets.

SquirtDanger Malware Infection Process

This Malware distributing as SquirtDanger.dll and Written in  C# (C Sharp) language to infect the target Victims and it schedules a task to run each and every min on the compromised computer.

According to PaloAlto Networks Investigation ,Once the installation phase has completed and the malware is found to be executed from the correct location, a new mutex will be created to ensure only one instance of the malware is run at a given time. The following two mutexes have been observed across all analyzed samplesOmagarable
  • Aweasome
  • DendiBotnet

Later SquirtDanger establish a communication over 119 unique C2 servers that were geographical to share the stolen data into malware author, at the same time it will attempt to obtain a list of additional modules to install.


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