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The first-ever presidential election conducted by Berkeley High School in California fall victim to hack attack. A candidate cast hundreds of fake votes for himself.

The school doesn’t use any voting software, instead, they asked students to cast their votes through email and a default password provided for students that include each student ID number.

More than 2,400 were eligible to vote in the election that held on last month election, after the voting period completed, staff and students noticed some suspicious activities in the day before the election to end.

The school student director John Villavicencio along with senior student discovered the voting fraud is not the work of hackers, it was done by some insiders and all the votes are polled from the same computer in alphabetical order.

The surging candidate — with help from a friend — had cast online ballots in his favor by hacking into the school district-issued email accounts of more than 500 of his classmates, John Villavicencio told Westport News.

“The cheating candidate, a junior making his second run for the class president whose name was not released, had access to a list containing students’ names and ID numbers.”

Passwords play a vital role in securing the online account, a weak or default password is a cake walk for hackers, they can easily crack into your accounts by using brute force techniques.

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