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PSP is one of the gaming devices Sony can have pride in. If you ever happen to own a PSP, then you have the opportunity to play some golden games.

These are amazing PC Games that you should give a try if you haven’t and you own a PSP.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be worried too if you don’t have a PSP since you can play these games still on your Android devices or PC.

To enjoy playing your favorite PSP games on your device, you should first download PSP ROMs. Here is a list of 6 PSP games you should play.

Top 6 PSP games

1.  GTA – Chinatown

PSP Games

Almost everyone is familiar to this pretty game brand, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) some know it better as Chinatown war. It is a PSP game that allows you to invade Chinese criminal organization.

Talk of the graphics in this particular type of game, they are decent with excellent gameplay. Playing this game let you explore a vast world with at least 70 mission-based stories.

Also, you will have control of Lee Huang, a rich brat with much mysterious mission, including the murder of his father. Indeed there are lots you can do, and to forget, you will have to: drive exotic cars as well as operate your criminal organization.

2.  Ridge racer

PSP Games

This is a lovely game to many. The nitrous boost featured in this game gives the best gaming experience with a full pump of adrenaline.

While playing this game, you will have a chance to test your driving skills with other players in a multiplayer option over WI-FI. You can’t get bored playing this fantastic type of game since there are more than 24 different tracks as well as a plethora of exciting new cars for unlocking.

Undertake the world tour mode, do your best, and see yourself rise to the top to become the best world racer. Try your best and leave a legacy on the racing world.

3.  LittleBigPlanet

This game is much of creativity and building your levels with exciting puzzles. It entails much of adventure. You will be able to take Sackboy through an adventure and play on at least 35 new levels with about seven unique themes.

Along the way, you will collect valuable items and build your collection. Furthermore, if you are lucky to own a PS3 version of this game, you can connect to and unlock hidden content.

Also, you can share your creation with friends and as well play through various creations of others in the community. This game is all about having fun, so have fun to the fullest while on it.

4.  Monster Hunter Freedom

This game is all about hunting. You can do it single-handed or combine efforts with others and hunt together. All is a hunt for you, from dragons (fire-breathing ones) to electrifying Kraken, search for exotic beasts.

Local ad hoc allows you to join your friends for combined hunting to bring down huge and powerful monsters. Also, you can customize your characters the way you want to make them powerful.

Alongside, you can complete quests to earn some money and respect. Explore more in the world by searching the most exciting beasts then battle them to your level best to show your dominance and become the top-ranked monster in the game.

5.  Virtual tennis 3

PSP Games

Playing virtual tennis three games gives you a thrilling experience of playing a real tennis game. With this game, you have the freedom to create your favorite characters.

If you don’t want to create, select a professional athlete, then progress through the career mode. Besides the tennis game, there are other lots of exciting mini-games provide for trial.

6.  FIFA soccer

PSP Games

If you like soccer, this is the game you should try, FIFA 07 soccer. You can play it alone or play with another player via the multiplayer mode. If you like assuming the role of a team manager, you have your space in this game as well.

If you go ahead with the team manager mode, you are responsible for determining player lineup and drawing game strategy which might boost your team to achieving excellent results.

Final Words

Our list highlight six best PSP games you can give a try. If you are interested, you should go through the list to understand them. However short the list might be, it is enough to keep yourself busy for more extended hours since they are the best with excellent gaming experience.

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