First and the second-day contest ended up with a various successful attempt to exploit the different bugs in multiple software vendors including, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and Apple.

In Pwn2Own 2019 final day, Zero Day Initiative introduced the Tesla car in automotive category and the Fluoroacetate team made an attempt to exploit the Tesla Model 3 internet browser.

Tesla offers the prizes range from $35,000 to $300,000 depending on a variety of factors including the exploit used.

Finally, Fluoroacetate team used a JIT bug and exploit the browser let displays their message remotely from their system.

In this case, Successfully demonstration reward $35,000, Of course, they also get the car which they exploited.

Fluoroacetate team of Richard Zhu and Amat Cama earned them $375,000, laptops and a car over the contest and resulted in 36 Master of Pwn points.

Another team Team KunnaPwn who have registered in the automotive category withdrew their entry, Although they didn’t demonstrate any of their research at this contest.

According to ZDI, “Overall, the three days of Pwn2Own Vancouver 2019 have been a great success. We have awarded a total of $545,000 for 19 unique bugs in Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Windows, VMware Workstation, Mozilla Firefox, and – in its inaugural year – the Tesla infotainment system. “

In this case, all the exploited zero-day report will be notified to respective vendors and now have 90 days to produce security patches to address the issues we reported. ZDI said.

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