Now any anyone can become a distributor of newly identified Saturn ransomware through the Ransomware as a Service affiliate program. To become a distributor of ransomware all you need is to signup in the RaaS portal download a copy and distribute it.

The Raas portal was detected and analyzed by Bleeping Computer, the Saturn ransomware Raas business model is different from other RaaS portal’s here distributor not required to pay any advance before using the ransomware binary.

RaaS economic business model that allows attackers to earn money without distributing the malware. Instead, they host their services in dark web and anyone can buy it and they can change their own modification such as ransom amount, ransom notes.

According to Bleeping Computer analysis, the users can download a file called stub from the Saturn RaaS portal and then embed the file into other files such as EXEs, Office, PDF, or other documents.

The ransomware can be distributed in any means Phishing Email, Email Attachments, Embedded Hyperlink, Drive by Infection and Websites & Downloads.

RaaS portal
Image Credits: Bleeping Computer

Infected victims should pay ransom fees on Saturn payment portal and the distributor of the ransomware will get 70% of the total payment and 30% to Saturn creators.

Last Friday researchers from McAfee Labs detected RaaS portal with the same business model.Once the distributor successfully compromised the victims and if the victim paid the ransom amount then the 10% of ransom amount will be transferred into the original developer’s wallet and 90% to the distributor.

ESET says there is a temporary drop in the number of spikes that were observed when compared to the end of the last year.

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Without a doubt 2017 is the year of data breaches and ransomware, now attackers shifted their focus to crypto mining attacks by using victims resources. Starting from the year 2018 a number of Cryptomining Attacks launched to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency.

Final Notes

The ransomware is a turnkey business for some criminals, and victims still pay the ever-increasing demands for ransom, it’s become a billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of going away anytime soon.


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