DDoS Attacks is one of most dangerous threat for any organization, it aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service that leads an organization to face the various technical impacts.

According to Nexusguard Q2 2018 report, IoT botnets skyrocketing the size of the DDoS attacks result in raise of the average and maximum size of attacks when compared to Q4 2017.

DDoS Attacks

Satori and Anarchy botnet that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities are highly suspected to be behind the skyrocketing growth of DDoS attacks. These botnets generate huge attacks without any amplification. The sizeable attacks in Q2 are pure and blended TCP SYN attacks.

Nexusguard observed that the attackers can launch sizeable attacks by significantly increasing the size of individual packets ranging between 887 and 936 bytes.

Top DDoS Attacks Vectors

UDP based attacks lead the top attack vectors, the connectionless and sessionless networking protocol is abused attackers in wild to launch highly-effective attacks, as they have no initial handshake and no built-in protection to limit the rate of the flood.

UDP (3,407 attacks/31.56% of total attacks)

Normally ping packets are used to check the connectivity, attackers use to overload the target networks with ping packets by using customized tools.

ICMP (1,006 attacks/9.32% of total attacks)

With SYN based attack, the attackers flood the target system with a number of SYN packets with an acknowledgment (ACK), which leaves the connection half open and causes overflow in the server.

TCP SYN (1,997 attacks/18.50% of total attacks)
DDoS Attacks

Nexusguard observed attacks comprised of Multi-vector that includes ICMP, CLDAP, TCP SYN, NTP Amplification, and UDP accounted for 47.97%. TCP SYN/UDP multi-vectors were responsible for many of the most sizeable attacks, particularly those larger than 100Gbps.

DDoS Attacks

Most of the attacks(55.28%) last less than 90 minutes, 40.1% lasts more than 90 minutes to 1200 minutes and 4.62% lasted longer than 1,200 minutes. Overall 64.13% attacks are smaller than 10Gbps and 35.87% were larger than that.

US and China are the major sources of distribution of the DDoS attacks, followed by France, Germany, and Russia.

DDoS Attacks

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