Ransomware attack cripples computer operations at the city of Greenville in South Carolina. The attack forced to shut down the majority of its servers.

The city staff and IT professional from other countries working together to determine the source of ransomware infection and o determine the infection.

“It’s ransomware. We have received a request for payment but that is all I can say at this point,” said city’s communications manager Brock Letchworth. The IT team working together to bring the operation back online, he added.

He confirmed that Police and fire emergency communications are unaffected and the Greenville Utilities Commission commission also not affected as they are in separate servers.


Letchworth confirmed that Other city operations are continuing as normal and the people who want to make payments must do so with cash.

The infection was first spotted by a member of the Greenville Police Department, he contacted the information technology division and they decided to shut down the system, reported reflector.

Letchworth said. “All of our operations are continuing, although we are having to adjust some of the ways that we do things in some areas. It is important to note that computers don’t run cities, People do.”

Recently the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) car parking system hacked and infechttps://gbhackers.com/cira-hit-ransomware-attack-on-car-packing-system/ted with ransomware that allows everyone to have a free park.

Another extensive ransomware attack forced aluminum manufacturing Gaint Norsk Hydro to shut down operations in the number of metal extrusion and rolled products plants.

Ransomware is the fast-growing threat and it is considered as a leader of Global cyber attack in recent days. It encrypts all the system files and asks for ransom payments to unlock it.

Here you can find the Ransomware Attack Response and Mitigation Checklist.

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