Ransomware attack on East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center network caused a downtime and the emergency rooms are unable to take patients.

According to Times Leader, the ransomware hits hospital systems on Friday, Nov. 23, evening and the hospitals were not able to accept the emergency squad patients.

“At the moment, our emergency rooms are unable to take patients by E-squads, but we can take patients by walk-in,” Janiszewski said.

The hospital spokesperson said that Our IT team is working around the clock right now and we expect to have the issue was resolved by Sunday and no patient information was leaked.

The ransomware is a turnkey business for some criminals, and victims still pay the ever-increasing demands for ransom, it’s become a billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

The Ransomware Entry point and Infection Vector can be through Phishing Email, Email Attachments, Embedded Hyperlink, Websites & Downloads and Drive by Infection.

Daniel Dunmyer, CEO of OVMC, said, The employees and medical staff have been very adaptive and supportive and we are able to continue with quality patient care.”

Janiszewski said, “We have redundant security, so the attack was able to get through the first layer but not the second layer.


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