Ransomware Family

Authors of the 3 critical Ransomware Family Polski, Vortex, and Flotera has been arrested in Poland and authorities Seized their computer equipment including the Laptop and servers as well as the Private keys.

Tomasz T. – a Polish citizen who lives permanently in Belgium (known as Thomas or Armaged0n) responsible for conducting cybercrime such as DDOS attacks, sending malicious software to compromise the several computers and using ransomware to encrypt the files.

He used this ransomware to compromise thousands of computer on various Polish companies between 2013 and 2018.

Cybercrime official tracking him for several years since 2013 and he used payment cards linked to a technical bank account and he did many crime forms Belgium.

He was spreading this ransomware via email pretending to impersonate official correspondence from well-known companies, such as telecommunication providers, retailers, banks, etc.

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Earned $145,000 Using this Ransomware Family

Once victims infected with this ransomware, After the complete infection using this ransomware, all the victim’s files will be encrypted and her domain the ransom amount of USD 200 – 400.

He earned over $145,000 from various cybercrime by compromising the victim’s computer and all the payment has been made through bitcoins.

Later he exchanged the currency via Polish cryptocurrency exchange that is actually linked to his original bank account.

Seized all the equipment and prepared an Evidence

Polish Cybercrime has charged various compliant such as accepting and transferring funds from crimes, infecting the computer with malware such as Polish Ransomware, Vortex or Floter, influencing automatic data processing for financial benefits.

All these ransomware’s  Decryption keys have been collected from his computer and affected users form Polski, Vortex, and Flotera ransomware can large a complaint they can receive a decryption key for their files.

The suspect, questioned by the prosecutor, pleaded guilty to the charges he was charged with and made explanations.

After performing the procedural steps, the prosecutor filed a motion to apply to T. T. temporary detention for a period of three months. On March 16, 2018, the court upheld the motion of the prosecutor. Officials said.

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