samba servers

New ransomware spotted NamPoHyu Virus or MegaLocker virus targeting the remote samba servers in a unique way.

The common way of delivering ransomware is through email attachments or by compromising the victim’s network and ransomware infection are installed on the computer that to be encrypted.

According to Bleeping computer analysis, the new variant searches for the samba servers that are accessible online, brute force them and then remotely encrypt the files.

The MegaLocker virus was first found in March 2019 on NAS devices, it uses to encrypt the files and append a .crypted extension to encrypted files.

Starting from this April 2019, it has been changed to NamPoHyu Virus it uses to encrypt the files and append.NamPoHyu extension to encrypted files.

It encrypts the file’s in the system and asks to make ransom payment through Tor site, for personal victims $250 and $1,000 USD in bitcoins for companies.

According to Shodan results more than 500,000 Samba servers are available remotely if the infection gain access to all the servers then it could be a massive one.

Ransomware is the fast-growing threat and it is considered as a leader of Global cyber attack in recent days. It encrypts all the system files and asks for ransom payments to unlock it.

Here you can find the Ransomware Attack Response and Mitigation Checklist.

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