Reason Antivirus:  A Free & Premium Antivirus for Privacy-Focused Users

Cyberattackers aren’t just some techno-boogeymen that security experts use to try to scare us. Reason Antivirus scan detects and removes viruses and malware. It provides quick, full, and custom scanning features with complete real-time protection

The threats they pose to average users are real. We aren’t too small and insignificant for these bad guys to overlook and we’re just as susceptible to cyberattacks, as large organizations and businesses if not more.

Hackers are even getting more resourceful in executing cyberattacks that target individuals. For instance, cybercriminals are exposing many unassuming users to spyware. Clicking on a malicious email attachment or executing an unsafe downloaded file can have disastrous consequences. Hackers can also implant remote access tools on our computers and devices and use them to steal your personal and financial information.

Using the obtained information, hackers can gain access to personal accounts and use private identities for whatever purposes they need. Falling victim to identity theft and fraud is no joke. You can stand to lose a significant amount of money to such schemes. 17.6 million Americans suffer from some form of identity theft each year.

Apart from identity theft, cases of camera hacking and sextortion have risen over the years too. Using remote access tools, hackers can record private conversations and gain access to personal videos and images. These cybercriminals then threaten to publish the compromising files unless their victims pay them money or grant them sexual favors.

To prevent these sorts of attacks, we must equip ourselves with the tools necessary to protect us them. While some default and free antivirus software can provide excellent protection, sometimes they may not be quite enough. Depending upon your security needs, you might need more powerful protection to safeguard your devices against today’s malware and remote access tools.

It’s a good thing security solutions providers are now steadily moving towards privacy protection Reason Antivirus appears to be one of these promising solutions. Let’s see what the tool offers.

Reason Antivirus Features

Detection and Removal. Reason Antivirus scan detects and remove viruses and malware. It provides quick, full, and custom scanning features. Its detection database holds more than a million samples which help its engine to accurately detect malware and avoid showing false positives.

Reason Antivirus

Advanced Real-time Protection. Reason also features real-time protection that immediately notifies you when a threat or malware is detected. This makes it unnecessary to perform manual scans before opening or executing files.

Secure Browsing. Reason provides a free Chrome plugin that allows you to have a safer web browsing experience. The plugin keeps you away from malicious websites by labeling which links are safe to click and which ones lead to phishing websites.

Safe Downloads. Reason also has another free Chrome plugin that checks if your downloaded files are safe to execute.

Webcam and Microphone Protection. Reason Antivirus features are webcam and microphone protection. This keeps you safe from remote access tools and other malware that attempt to invade your privacy and record your private conversations. You can also configure your settings so that only trusted applications such as Skype will be allowed access to your webcam and microphone. If an attempt is made by other applications, Reason will promptly notify you and you can choose to block the action.

Ransomware Protection. Ransomware has been one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in recent years. It has crippled organizations and caused significant stress for many individuals. To protect you from these attacks, Reason blocks any rogue encryption attempts on your files.

Reason Antivirus Limitations

Windows Only. Reason only runs on PCs with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. The company currently doesn’t provide versions for Mac, Linux, or Android operating systems.


Freemium. To enjoy Reason’s key features such as its webcam and ransomware protection, you have to take advantage of its paid Premium version. Reason’s subscription packages are relatively cheap, but if you’re not willing to shell out money for malware protection, you might have to look elsewhere.


Free. Reason offers a free Essentials version that has real-time protection and conducts standard virus scans and threat removal.

Reason Antivirus

Premium. Reason Antivirus offers its Premium version in three different subscription plans. You can avail yourself of the software for one year for $60, two years for $120, or three years for $180. Reason also occasionally offers discounts. Currently, all plans are offered at 50% off. A year’s subscription can be had for just $30.


Given the many threats against user privacy, it would be wise to look for a capable security solution for your computer. Reason Antivirus privacy-oriented features and its currently discounted price of $30 a year making it an affordable and well-rounded solution worthy of consideration.


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