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Mirai Based Botnet Moobot Exploit Hikvision Vulnerability

Mirai Based Botnet Moobot Exploit Hikvision Vulnerability

Fortinet has recently discovered a malware called Moobot, which was widely distributed through a security vulnerability in a number of Hikvision surveillance or security...
Hackers Weaponize Firewalls

Hackers Weaponize Firewalls & Middleboxes for Reflected DDoS Attacks

Cybersecurity specialists from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado Boulder have recently published the verdict of a flaw that they have...
Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability

Critical Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability Flaw Actively Exploited by DarkIRC Malware

Juniper Threat Labs researchers observed active attacks on Oracle WebLogic software using CVE-2020-14882. This vulnerability, if successfully exploited, allows unauthenticated remote code execution.  Researchers found...
Roboto Botnet

Roboto Botnet Exploiting Linux Webmin Server RCE Vulnerability To Perform DDoS Attack

A new wave of Roboto Botnet activities being discovered that attack the Linux Webmin servers by exploiting the RCE vulnerability using vulnerability scanning and...

New DemonBot Attack Hadoop Clusters to Performing DDoS Attacks using Powerful Cloud infrastructure servers

New Botnet called DemonBot targeting Hadoop Clusters in order to perform DDOS attack using powerful cloud infrastructure. Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework...

Raise of IoT Botnets Responsible for Massive DDoS Attacks – Q2 2018 Threat Report

DDoS Attacks is one of most dangerous threat for any organization, it aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service that...

hping3 – Network Scanning Tool – Packet Generator

hping - a Network Scanning Tool is a free packet generator and analyzer for the TCP/IP protocol distributed by Salvatore Sanfilippo (also known as Antirez). It...

Memcache Based DDOS Attack Heavily Targeted NRA and Highly Ranked Top Order Websites

The Memcached-Based DDOS attack heavily targeted NRA Websites and also targeting top order website such as and  The National Rifle Association is America's...

You can Take Mirai Botnet of 400,000 Bots for Rental

DDoS distributed denial-of-service attack occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. Such an...

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