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COVID Vaccine Maker targeted

North Korean Hackers Targeted COVID Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, one of the manufacturers leading the way towards developing a Covid-19 vaccine, has been targeted by North Korean...
COVID-19 Will Change Internal Communications For Good

COVID-19 Will Change Internal Communications For Good

Internal communication is a significant part of the success of any organization. As long as an organization embraces healthy internal communication practices,...
King Engine Ransomware

Fake COVID-19 Test Results Drop King Engine Ransomware

According to Cofense Intelligence researchers, a new version of Hentai OniChan Ransomware dubbed “King Engine” is being delivered during a Coronavirus-themed phishing...
Post-COVID-19 World

The Importance of Cybersecurity in The Post-COVID-19 World

Many organizations woke up to the importance of cybersecurity when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and shone a harsh light on the state...
COVID-19 Training Lure

Hackers Using COVID-19 Training Lure to Attack Office 365 Users

Coronavirus poses a huge impact globally, most of the countries in lockdown and some countries returning to some sort of normality.


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