Friday, December 8, 2023
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New Phishing Attack Hijacks Email Thread to Inject Malicious URL

Researchers discovered a new campaign delivering DarkGate and PikaBot that employs strategies similar to those employed in QakBot phishing attempts.This operation sends out a...
Microsoft Authenticator Blocks Malicious Notification

Microsoft Authenticator New Feature Blocks Malicious Notification by Default

In an age where online threats loom large, safeguarding our personal and professional accounts has never been more critical. With hackers tirelessly attempting to breach...

Buffer Overflow Flaws in Trusted Platform Modules Allow Malicious Commands

Trusted Computing Group’s Trust Platform Module 2.0 reference library specification has been discovered with two buffer overflow vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit to...

Ransomware Actors Exploiting Legitimate System Tools to Gain Access – FBI

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, causing organizations to lose millions of dollars, restricting them from accessing their data, and possibly disclosing personal information.According to...

QNAP OS Command Injection Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Malicious Commands

Two critical OS command injection flaws have been discovered in multiple QNAP products, which include QTS, Multimedia Console, Media Streaming add-on, QuTS Hero, and...

Hackers Deliver Malicious DLL Files Chained With Legitimate EXE Files

Hackers opt for DLL hijacking as a technique to exploit vulnerable applications because it allows them to load malicious code by tricking a legitimate...

Malicious Android Apps on Google Play With Over 2 Million Installs

Several recently discovered malicious apps on Google Play have been found to display intrusive advertisements to users, with a total of over 2 million...
Hackers Abuse Discord

Threat Actors Abuse Discord to Blend Within Organizations’ Network Traffic

Discord has become a household name in online gaming and digital communication. Gamers, friends, and families flock to this platform to chat, share, and collaborate....

Threat Actors Abusing 404 Pages to Hide Credit Card Stealing Malware

A new web skimming campaign has been discovered, which targets multiple organizations in the food and retail industries. This campaign was unique as it...

MacOS “DirtyNIB” Vulnerability: Let Attackers Execute Malicious Code

A new zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in Apple’s macOS systems, which allows threat actors to execute code on behalf of a legitimate Apple...

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