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The Rising Importance of Penetration Testing Services in Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity

The importance of advanced cyber security measures has never been more critical. In this modern digital landscape, platforms, applications, and websites are becoming increasingly...

Android Application Penetration Testing Part – 4

As per my last article(Part 1), ( Part 2), (part-3) we had a look at basic architecture and penetration testing tools and ADB. Now let’s see...

Load Balancer – How Does it Work With the Reconnaissance Phase During Penetration Testing?

Load Balancer basically helps to distribute the network traffic across multiple servers to improve the network and application performance. the Reconnaissance work on target...

Black Box Penetration Testing: Perform External Pentesting With “ZERO” Data – 2023

The Black Box Penetration Testing is a way to figure out how secure a system is without knowing how it works. Testers act like...

ChatGPT Reconnaissance Techniques for Penetration Testing Success

ChatGPT is one of the biggest and most sophisticated language models ever made, with a massive neural network of over 175 billion parameters.Recent research...

Android Application Penetration Testing Part 3

In my last article( Android Application Penetration Testing Part 1 ), ( Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2 )we had look at basic architecture...

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 7

In the Last Part, Android Application Penetration Testing Part 6 We have seen about the Vulnerabilities has been categorized as TOP 10.INSECURE LOGGING- ADB Logcat:Logcat...
Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2

Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2

In my last article(Android Application Penetration Testing Part 1) we had look at the basic architecture of the Android device. Now Let’s collect some...

Penetration Testing with Windows Computer & Bypassing an Antivirus Using VEIL-Framework in Kali Linux

Pentesters have a hard time bypassing anti-viruses nowadays Since  Antiviruses are evolving as we speak. We at GBHackers decided to put some time to teach...

WPScan – Penetration Testing Tool to Find The Security Vulnerabilities in Your WordPress...

WPScan is a WordPress security scan for detecting and reporting WordPress vulnerabilities.WordPress is a free online Open source content Managed system focused on PHP...

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