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Facebook Vulnerability

10 Yr-Old Facebook Bug Allow Hackers to Steal Access Token & Hijack Anyone’s Facebook...

A researcher discovered a critical Account takeover vulnerability in Facebook's Authorization feature "Login with Facebook" and, it allowed attackers to steal the...

A New Facebook Bug May have been Exposed 6.8 Million Users Private Photos

Facebook revealed a new  photo API bug that may have been affected by nearly 68 million users and 1,500 apps built by 876...
Facebook Bug

Facebook Bug Leaks 14 Million Users New Private Posts in Public by Default

A New Facebook bug allows automatically suggested around 14 Million users new posts set in public by default from May 18 to May 22. Facebook...
Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook Filed a Lawsuit Against NSO Group for Hacking WhatsApp Using Zero-Day Bug

Facebook lawsuit against Israel based commercial spyware maker NSO group for hacking its WhatsApp messenger by exploiting the zero-day vulnerability and deploy...
Whitehat Settings

Facebook Implemented Whitehat Settings for Bug Hunters to Analyze Network Traffic

Facebook Implemented a New Whitehat Settings option to help bug hunters to analyze network traffic on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Android applications.


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