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Whitehat Settings

Facebook Implemented Whitehat Settings for Bug Hunters to Analyze Network Traffic

Facebook Implemented a New Whitehat Settings option to help bug hunters to analyze network traffic on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Android applications.

Clickjacking Bug in Facebook Being Abused By Attackers To Post Spam On Your Facebook...

A malicious spam campaign that posts the clicked link on you Facebook wall. The campaign exploiting the vulnerability that resides in the...
Chrome Bug

A Chrome Bug Allowed Hackers to Extract Your Private Data From Facebook and Other...

A new chrome bug allows attackers to extract private data that stored on Facebook and from other web platforms. The bug affects all the...

Discovered Critical Bug allowed to Delete any Videos from Facebook

Security researcher Dan Melamed came across the vulnerability in June 2016. The bug is some ways similar to a vulnerability discovered by another researcher...

Critical bug allows to read all your Private Chats of Facebook Messenger by hackers

One of the network’s most popular features, with 1-billion active monthly users. Unlike photo and status features designed specifically for sharing and publishing, the...


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