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Hackers Using ClickFix Social Engineering Tactics to Deploy Malware

Cybersecurity researchers at McAfee Labs have uncovered a sophisticated new method of malware delivery, dubbed the "ClickFix" infection chain.This novel attack strategy leverages...

Turla Hackers Weaponizing LNK-Files To Deploy Fileless Malware

Hackers often weaponize LNK files because they can carry malware into systems undetected by anyone. LNK files are shortcuts that, when opened, launch a...
FakeBat Malware Weaponizes Popular Apps

FakeBat Malware Weaponizing AnyDesk, Zoom, Teams & Chrome

Hackers target and weaponize AnyDesk, Zoom, Teams, and Chrome as these applications are widely used in a multitude of sectors.Not only that, but even...

Hackers Using Dropbox And Google Docs To Deliver Orcinius Malware 

A new Orcinius Trojan has been discovered, employing VBA Stomping to hide its infection. The multi-stage trojan uses Dropbox and Google Docs to stay...

Grasshopper Hackers Mimic As Penetration Testing Service To Deploy Malware

Hackers often mimic penetration testing services to disguise their malicious activities as legitimate security assessments. By imitating authorized security testing, attackers can exploit the trust...
Hacker Group Attacking Systems

New Hacker Group Attacking Systems With 10 Malware At Same Time

A malware campaign of huge magnitude, and perhaps run by just one group, is using artificially nested files for distribution named 'WEXTRACT.EXE     ...
Infinidat Revolutionizes Enterprise Cyber Storage Protection to Reduce Ransomware and Malware Threat Windows

Infinidat Revolutionizes Enterprise Cyber Storage Protection to Reduce Ransomware and Malware Threat Windows

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, has introduced a new automated cyber resiliency and recovery solution that will revolutionize how enterprises can...
RAT Malware

New RAT Malware SneakyChef & SugarGhost Attack Windows Systems

Talos Intelligence has uncovered a sophisticated cyber campaign attributed to the threat actor SneakyChef. This operation leverages the SugarGh0st RAT and other malware to...

Hackers Weaponize Windows Installer (MSI) Files to Deliver Malware

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a sophisticated malware campaign orchestrated by a threat actor group, Void Arachne.This group has targeted Chinese-speaking users by distributing malicious...
Stuxnet Malware Air-Gapped Networks

Stuxnet, The Malware That Propagates To Air-Gapped Networks

Stuxnet, a complex worm discovered in 2010, targeted Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used in industrial facilities.By exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, including...

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