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Bumblebee Malware Abuses WebDAV Protocol to Attack Organizations

In recent cybersecurity news, the notorious Bumblebee loader has made a resurgence in a new campaign, posing a significant threat to organizations' digital security. This...

Hackers Attacking Telecoms Servers With HTTPSnoop Malware

In 2022, state-sponsored actors and advanced adversaries consistently targeted telecoms globally, making it a top sector in Talos IR cases.Telecom firms with critical infrastructure...

Iranian Hackers Attack Thousands of Organizations Using Password Spraying

Peach Sandstorm, an Iranian Hackers group that targets organizations globally, aligns with the following threat groups:-APT33ElfinRefined KittenBesides this, in the following sectors, the Iranian...

Next-Gen Email Firewalls: Beyond Spam Filters to Secure Inboxes Checklist

Email communication is still widely used as an attack vector despite the ever-changing nature of cyber threats.The vast number of people who use it...

Microsoft Teams as a Tool for Storm-0324 Threat Group to Hack Corporate Networks

According to recent reports, a threat actor known as Storm-0324 has been using email-based initial infection vectors to attack organizations.However, as of July...

Hackers Attack Facebook Business Users Aggressively to Steal Login Credentials

A new and highly concerning cyber threat has emerged, as a botnet known as "MrTonyScam" has been orchestrating an extensive Messenger phishing campaign on...

Beware of Fake Browser Updates that Install Malware on Systems

In recent times, it's been observed that fake malware-loaded browser updates are gaining rapid growth in the threat landscape.Rapid7 researchers recently identified a Fake...

Unveiling the Dangers of Crypto Extortion and Steps to Shield Your Enterprise

The age-old detective mantra, "Follow the money," remains relevant in solving crimes, although it gets a bit tricky when dealing with cybercrime. This is...

Email Authentication Protocols: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC – A Detailed Guide

Email communication is essential for personal and professional contact in the modern digital environment.Email is widely used, making it a perfect target for...

Stealthy Android Malware Attacking Mobile Users Via Fake App Stores

A recently discovered Android Trojan, dubbed "MMRat," poses a serious threat to mobile banking security. Unlike other forms of malware, this Trojan is designed...

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