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Juniper Releases Out-Of-Cycle Critical Update for Smart Routers

Juniper Networks has released an out-of-cycle critical update to address a severe vulnerability affecting its Session Smart Router, Session Smart Conductor, and WAN Assurance...

Hidden Backdoor in D-Link Routers Let Attacker Login as Admin

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in several models of D-Link wireless routers, allowing unauthenticated attackers to gain administrative access to the devices.The...

Threat Actors Renting Out Compromised Routers To Other Criminals

APT actors and cybercriminals both exploit proxy anonymization layers and VPN nodes to mask their malicious activities, while Pawn Storm, a well-known APT group,...

New “Goldoon” Botnet Hijacking D-Link Routers to Use for Other Attacks

Security researchers at FortiGuard Labs discovered a new botnet in April that exploits a weakness in D-Link devices.Dubbed "Goldoon," this botnet has been observed...

Cuttlefish 0-click Malware Hijacks Routers & Captures Data

Cuttlefish is a new malware platform that has been identified to be active since at least July 2023.This malware platform specifically targets networking...

Multiple Cisco Small Business Routers Vulnerable to XSS Attacks

Cisco has alerted its customers about a critical vulnerability affecting several Small Business RV Series Routers models.This vulnerability, CVE-2024-20362, poses a significant risk, allowing...

The Moon Malware Hacked 6,000 ASUS Routers in 72hours to Use for Proxy

Black Lotus Labs discovered a multi-year campaign by TheMoon malware targeting vulnerable routers and turning them into bots for the Faceless proxy service.TheMoon...

Chinese Hackers Seized Outdated Routers for Covert Data Transfer

Volt Typhoon, also known as the Bronze Silhouette, has been discovered to be linked with a complex botnet called "KV-botnet."The threat actor has...

RouterSploit – Exploitation Framework for Embedded devices

The RouterSploit Framework is an open-source exploitation framework devoted to embedded devices. It includes various modules that aid penetration testing operations:exploits – modules that...

Hackers Hijack Home Routers & Change The DNS Settings to Implant Infostealer Malware

Researchers discovered a new form of attack that targeted home routers and altered the DNS settings to redirect the victims to a malicious website...

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