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Spyware App Found Running on Multiple US Hotel Check-In Computers

A consumer-grade spyware app named pcTattletale has been discovered running on the check-in systems of at least three Wyndham hotels across the United States....

Indonesia Emerging As A Hub For Highly Invasive Spyware

In today's digital age, civil society is facing a serious threat in the form of invasive malware and surveillance technology that has the potential...

U.S. to Impose Visa Restrictions on 13 Individuals Involved in Commercial Spyware Operations

To combat the misuse of commercial spyware, the United States Department of State has announced visa restrictions on 13 individuals linked to developing and...

US Court Orders NSO Group to Handover Code for Spyware, Pegasus to WhatsApp

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, filed a lawsuit against NSO Group in 2019. The lawsuit claims that NSO took advantage of a...

Researchers Exposed Predator Spyware Infrastructure & Domains Associated

The Predator Files project, coordinated by the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), has highlighted the extensive use of Predator spyware by customers of Intellexa surveillance...

Meta Unveils 8 Spyware Companies Targeting iOS, Android, & Windows Devices

Spyware firms target iOS, Android, and Windows devices due to their widespread usage, making them lucrative targets for gathering sensitive information. Each platform offers unique...

Intellexa Spyware Adds Persistence with iOS or Android Device

In the shadowy realm of commercial spyware, the spotlight turns to the notorious Intellexa spyware and its Predator/Alien solution, as dissected by Cisco Talos...

Android GravityRAT Spyware Steals WhatsApp Backup Files

Since August 2022, a recently discovered Android virus named "GravityRAT" has rapidly circulated through a new Android malware campaign. It gains access to phones by...
Commercial PREDATOR Spyware

Commercial PREDATOR Spyware – Delivered Through Zero-Click Exploit

A commercial spyware product offered by the spyware company Intellexa (formerly Cytrox) has been described by Cisco Talos.By designing deployment procedures that frequently call for...

3 iOS Zero-Click Exploits Exploited by NSO Group to Deploy Spyware

In 2022, NSO Group, the Israeli firm notorious for its spyware technology, reemerged with a slew of zero-click exploit chains designed for iOS 15...

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