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Japanese Space Agency Spotted zero-day via Microsoft 365 Services

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed details of a cybersecurity incident that occurred last year, involving unauthorized access to its internal servers....

Google to offer $250,000 for Full VM Escape Zero-day Vulnerability

Google has unveiled kvmCTF, a new vulnerability reward program (VRP) explicitly targeting the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor.This initiative, first announced in October 2023,...
Cisco NX-OS Vulnerability

Cisco NX-OS Zero-Day Command Injection Vulnerability Let Hackers Gain Root Access

Cisco has disclosed a critical vulnerability in its widely-used NX-OS network operating system that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges...

Apple Refused to Pay $1 Million Bounty to Kaspersky Lab for iOS Zero-days

Apple has refused to pay Kaspersky Lab a reward for discovering critical vulnerabilities in iOS that allowed attackers to install spyware on any iPhone....

Google Patches Chrome Zero-Day: Type Confusion in V8 JavaScript

Google has released a patch for a zero-day exploit in its Chrome browser.The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2024-5274, involves a confusion issue in the...

PoC Exploit Released for QNAP QTS zero-day RCE Flaw

Researchers have shown a proof-of-concept (PoC) attack for a zero-day remote code execution (RCE) flaw in the QTS operating system from QNAP.Users of...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

In April 2024, security researchers revisited CVE-2023-36033, a Windows DWM Core Library elevation of privilege vulnerability that was previously discovered and exploited in the...

PoC Exploit Released For D-LINK RCE Zero-Day Vulnerability

Two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in D-Link DIR-X4860 routers which were associated with Authentication bypass due to HNAP port and remote code execution....

New Google Chrome Zero-day Exploited in the Wild, Patch Now!

Google has issued an urgent security update for its Chrome browser after discovering a zero-day vulnerability that is currently being exploited by attackers.The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-4761, affects the V8 JavaScript engine and could potentially...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows Zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

Hackers exploit the Windows zero-day vulnerabilities, as they offer great advantages.This means that no patches or defenses exist for zero-day vulnerabilities as software vendors...

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